End of WEEK 4

I have to say this has been a fun project on Marvel. We have a large knitting group at the D.A.Hurd Library. We meet every WED. Morning at 10 A.M. until Noon. The ladies are great as a group they make many things for the library to raffle off and they also help out in programs the library puts on. They call their group THE YARN DIVAS. So finding all this informations on knitting and crocheting has been good, the ladies are looking for new things to make all the time. I hope others of you have found new projects with the help of Marvel. Have fun and enjoy.



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One thought on “End of WEEK 4

  1. We also have a Knittig group that meets here at the Winslow Public Library
    every Friday from 1 -3:00. Some of the women are making mittens for school
    children who don’t have any, and we have one knitter who has made over 400 hats, all different, for the school children. The ladies seem to enjoy meeting here every Friday, and we enjoy having them.

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