Craft Project

Marvelous Maine

This has been a fun week working on Hobbies and crafts reference center in Marvel. I picked my project from crocheting and I can tell you there are so many patterns. Our library has a few of the magazine on crocheting and more on knitting. The pattern I picked is called Pumpkin & Spice Hat & Shawl from Annie’s Attic magazine.

You can save all your research and add a folder. This works great to keep everything together.

The support site is grea,t it is 24 hours 7 days a week. There are databases, tutorials and great user guides to help with your questions. You can also get help on the phone or by e-mail.

I have download my pattern and now I am ready to start crocheting, I have never done the yo-yo crochet before so I am looking forward to working it up and seeing how it comes out. So wish me luck.

So go to Marvel have a look and find something fun to work on or checkout all the different hobbies there are to do. Make a folder and you can keep everything together and take time to read it and get all the information you will need to do your craft or hobby. Have fun.