Marvelous Maine     Maine Newsstand— So what better to look up for Maine  then the Earth Quake on 10/16/2013  at 7:12 P.M. . I went to Marvel and there was so much information. It has reports on this quake and about others that have happened in Maine over the years. Did you know that the strongest earth quake in Maine was recorded in 1904 in the Eastport area at an estimated magnitude of 5.7.

You will be amazed at all the information you will find on Marvel. Go to Portland Public library web site and go to Research Tools and click on Marvel and search for something you would like to learn more about and have fun.




One thought on “WEEK 3

  1. Oh, what an opportunity to use ProQuest and Maine Newsstand, even without any students needing either one for research. The earthquake! I could have had a group of kids around me before school, looking up articles on the earthquake instead of huddled around the meager article we had in our one newspaper. What a great idea!!! Darn my procrastination and putting off Marvel until Thursday night of that week. Next time…though I’m not truly wishing for a recurrence. Still, there’s always the election and the football scores, right?

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