The D.A. Hurd library has been using this tool for some time now.  I am looking forward to what more we can learn to help our patrons with  Novelist Plus.




Just a note to say the library is open and standing and the additions is still up. As we knew it would be, are workers are good at their jobs.

Have a great day &  HAPPY READING  🙂

End of WEEK 4

I have to say this has been a fun project on Marvel. We have a large knitting group at the D.A.Hurd Library. We meet every WED. Morning at 10 A.M. until Noon. The ladies are great as a group they make many things for the library to raffle off and they also help out in programs the library puts on. They call their group THE YARN DIVAS. So finding all this informations on knitting and crocheting has been good, the ladies are looking for new things to make all the time. I hope others of you have found new projects with the help of Marvel. Have fun and enjoy.



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Craft Project

Marvelous Maine

This has been a fun week working on Hobbies and crafts reference center in Marvel. I picked my project from crocheting and I can tell you there are so many patterns. Our library has a few of the magazine on crocheting and more on knitting. The pattern I picked is called Pumpkin & Spice Hat & Shawl from Annie’s Attic magazine.

You can save all your research and add a folder. This works great to keep everything together.

The support site is grea,t it is 24 hours 7 days a week. There are databases, tutorials and great user guides to help with your questions. You can also get help on the phone or by e-mail.

I have download my pattern and now I am ready to start crocheting, I have never done the yo-yo crochet before so I am looking forward to working it up and seeing how it comes out. So wish me luck.

So go to Marvel have a look and find something fun to work on or checkout all the different hobbies there are to do. Make a folder and you can keep everything together and take time to read it and get all the information you will need to do your craft or hobby. Have fun.


WEEK 4 Hobbies & Crafts

I am so excited with this project in Marvel. I am a crafter and this is a great way to find things. I just finished the short tutorial and I am amazed at  how many resources are out there. This is not just for women’s crafts, there are hobbies and crafts for everyone. You can find information on knitting to hunting & fishing.

So hang on we are into week 4 and this is going to be fun.


This is the end of week 3 in Marvelous Maine invitational.  I have been enjoying all the new information I have been learning about, for myself and to help partons. I have not had the chance to work with anyone yet, but I feel like I will be better able to help people now just after 3 weeks.


  This is Maine Library Snapshot week.


     How many of you remember having to use something like this to look up your books in the library?




You can also go to the D.A. Hurd Library web site and click into Marvel.

Sorry friends it is the end of my work day and I am being a slow thinker. So after I published my post my Boss was reading it and said you do know that they can also find Marvel on our Web. page.

Thanks Beth keep reading over my shoulder.




Marvelous Maine     Maine Newsstand— So what better to look up for Maine  then the Earth Quake on 10/16/2013  at 7:12 P.M. . I went to Marvel and there was so much information. It has reports on this quake and about others that have happened in Maine over the years. Did you know that the strongest earth quake in Maine was recorded in 1904 in the Eastport area at an estimated magnitude of 5.7.

You will be amazed at all the information you will find on Marvel. Go to Portland Public library web site and go to Research Tools and click on Marvel and search for something you would like to learn more about and have fun.



Week 2

Week 2- Marvelous Maine Invitational

I have picked Britannica Public Library Edition.

I have worked with the Research Tools  World Atlas. It is user friendly and has great information. We have many students that come in for this kind  of information for projects in school.

This day in history is good.  You can look up historical events and facts, I feel people from young to young at heart will find things of interest.

I will be back as I find more interesting things.


Hi Friends,

I am on a short vacation this week, but I still want to keep you up on what is happening. I started my online class with Marvel and one of the first things we had to do is start a blog. Well as we all know the D.A. Hurd Library  has it own blog, so the first step was easy. Now let us see were we will go from here. I will let you know all the great things we can learn from Marvel and what a great help it can be for everyone. So please keep a watch and ask any questions you may have and lets see if I can find the answers.

Have a great day and remember HAPPY READING  🙂