Come into the library and check out our display of poetry books. You can also read a selection of works by  Maine Poets.



We are putting up new window displays with books on the Civil war. If you have never read anything about the war other then in school you have missed a lot of great history. It was a very interesting time in our country. You can learn so much from their way of life to farming to what it was like to go to school in a  one room school house. Also to be a woman and take care of a family and a farm while your husband was away fighting in a war. So come in to the library and check us out and if you are not interested in the civil war we have so many different and wonderful thing you can read or get a movie to watch or an audio book.


Journal of a Civil War Nurse

What’s New

Hi people, So how is everyone liking this warm weather? Just remember this is Maine and it is the month of March, it may be 85 today but it could be snow tomorrow. Don’t get out that swimsuit yet. Make sure you have a good book on hand for when the cold weather comes back.   HAPPY READING 🙂

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1)


Hello people where is everyone? I am waiting to talk BOOKS…. Let’s get reading and talking.

Have you checked the New York Times Best sellers list, or do you have an older book you would like to talk about?

Turn off the TV and pick up a book and read, you will be surprised how much fun you will have.


Is Spring Here

What  great weather we have been having. Thursday was so warm and the sunshine is getting  warmer every day.

What has everyone been reading? I would like to hear from you. There are so many great books out, that it would seem like someone would have one they wanted  to talk about. I am starting a new book by Mike Mullin called Ashfall  this is his first one. It is a young adult book, I am finding more and more  YA books to read, they have  good stories.

Have a good weekend…. HAPPY READING   🙂


Well the storm is over and the sun is out now it is time to clean up the mess.

After being closed inside  yesterday you need to make a trip to your library and get a book or come in and read the paper and have a cup of coffee.

Enjoy the sunshine and have a nice day.




Snow Day

March came in like a lion. We have had a mild winter so we can’t complain to much about this storm. I hope everyone has a good book to read. I know I am going to curl up in my chair with a warm blanket a cup of coffee and a good book for the day. Stay warm and safe.